Lab with Yellow Ribbon courtesy of ShutterAs a dog walker and someone who volunteers in the rescue world, I am privy to seeing all types of things where our pets are concerned. One of those details that I came across a few years ago, was a yellow ribbon tied to a dogs leash. I had been visiting Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah and noticed a few dogs that had ribbons on their leashes. I had never seen that before and wondered what it meant. A yellow ribbon means that the dog needs space. Not every dog is dog friendly nor people friendly. Sometimes it just means that he dog is in training.

My thinking lends itself to “all dogs should have space,” and please ask before you pet my dog. I particularly appreciate it when small children ask me first before petting my dog. It gives me the opportunity to teach the child how to approach a dog in the proper way. Yellow Ribbon Dogs

Back to the yellow ribbon, some dogs are nervous or timid around people. The dog may be in training and is new to socializing with other dogs or people. I personally find the yellow ribbon a great idea.

What do you think about this idea? Do you have personal experience with a yellow ribbon dog? Have you seen a yellow ribbon dog?