Times sure are crazy right now, right? Our lives are not like they used to be prior to COVID-19. Some of you may be home schooling, some may be working from home while some of you may be back in the office full time!

What does that mean for your dog? Did you know your dog thrives on routine? That is right, they do. Some dogs will exhibit anxious behaviors if their routines have changed. Others will appear bored or get into more trouble at home. There are those that may have packed on a few pounds during this stretch of time!

Some of you reading this may have been regular clients and are wondering how you can make this work. If you are working from home and need a break, give us a call or log into the reservation site and book a visit. We would be happy to come by and take fido out for a walk!

If you are a new client or are considering setting up dog walks, please give us a shout! We would love to get your dog on a schedule that works for you.

Do you need to have an early conference call? We start at 7:00 am!

If you are concerned about us coming inside, we do not need to do that. We currently have clients that are working from home. We will arrive at your home with a mask and do a hand-off at the door. We even can bring our own leashes! If you are not home, we have procedures in place to keep everyone safe.

Give Dawn the Pet Nanny a call at 610-716-7716 for your dog walking needs and we would be happy to discuss with you!

Looking forward to hearing from you.