This subject has been brought up a lot to me. As professional dog walkers, we are asked all the time “why would I need a dog walker” or “what does a pet sitter do”.

Reasons Your Dog Needs a Professional Dog Walker

  • You are gone the majority of the day for work or other obligations.
  • You tend to work overtime.
  • You would love to make plans after work without having to rush home.

    Blue takes his daily walk!

    Blue takes his daily walk!

  • You have a puppy that needs to be potty trained.
  • You have a puppy that could use some basic obedience lessons.
  • Your dogs energy level is quite high!
  • Your dogs boredom is leading to destructive behaviors.
  • You simply can’t find the time to exercise your dog on a regular basis.
  • Your friends and family are tiring of having to help out.
  • You are finding “potty” accidents in the house.
  • You have a senior dog that cannot “hold it” anymore.
  • You have a senior dog that needs some extra TLC and maybe some meds during specific times of the day.
  • You have an elderly parent or relative that needs help walking their dog.
  • Your dog gets a much needed stretch and some exercise during the day.
  • A better behaved and relaxed dog!
  • We are professionals and this is our job.
  • We are bonded and insured!
  • We LOVE your dogs!!

What Does a Dog Walker/Pet Sitter Do?

  • We walk your dogs!
  • We let your dogs out in the yard for a potty break (and clean up after them too).
  • We engage your dog in safe play.
  • We follow up on basic obedience commands such as “sit, stay, down” or any other commands you would like us to follow.
  • We give your dog or cat lots of tender loving care (TLC) while we are there!
  • We clean up any messes that may have been left behind in your home from your pet.
  • We clean out and/or fill up the water dish prior to leaving.

    Nellie relaxes on Dawn's lap.

    Nellie relaxes on Dawn’s lap.

  • Your dog gets a little treat (if permitted) prior to us leaving.
  • We always text or write a note about what we did with your pet prior to leaving your home.
  • ¬†While we are in your home, we make sure your dog is safe prior to us leaving.
  • We leave lights on, bring trash cans up and open/close blinds curtains as needed.
  • If we are staying overnight in your home, we are a great safety deterrent for robbers!
  • We will feed your dog/cat as requested.
  • Your dog or cat will be kept on its regular schedule/routine.
  • We get to know your dog/cat on a personal basis which helps us let you know if we find anything amiss.
  • You will get cute pictures and sometimes a video on your pet while you are away.
  • Your dog/cat becomes a star on our facebook page!

Benefits to You and Your Dog

As you can see from the above lists, there are many benefits to both you and your dog. We help free up time for you to do the other things on your list. You now have Peace of Mind! You know that we are professionals and this is our job, not a hobby! You know that we truly love and care for your pet as if they were our own. You know that your pets safety and well being are our top priority. Your dog will be exercised and have lots of attention which helps decrease bad behaviors! Your cat will not be lonely while you are gone and you know that he or she has not gotten out of the house or stuck in a room somewhere until you get home. Your home will have that lived in feel and you will know you have an extra safety precaution while you are away during the day or on vacation.

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