Why Do Cats Meow?


Have you ever wondered what was really behind your cat’s meow? Cats meow for many reasons and once you understand your cat better, deciphering his meow is not as complicated as it may seem. Cats meow as kittens for the same reasons human babies do.  Among other things, kittens meow to let their mother’s know they are hungry, cold, or scared. As cats get older meowing is only for communication with people. They use other means of communication with their cat pals- squealing, hissing or growling are most common.


Miles with his toy. Such a handsome boy. He will be missed!

Miles with his toy. Such a handsome boy. He will be missed!

There is a long list of reasons why your cat might meow:


  • Illness – there are various types of diseases that can make your cat feel hungry, thirsty or in pain and may lead to excessive meowing. You should seek medical attention for your pet.


  • Attention Seekers – a cat might meow when she wants you to play with her. To avoid an attention seeker, don’t respond to her when this happens. You should only give attention when she’s quiet and teach your cat that you won’t respond to that behavior.


  • Hunger- some cats meow when their feeding time is close. If your cat does this, do not feed her until he has quieted down.


  • Greeting – when you return home your cat might meow out of excitement to see you.


  • Loneliness – If your pet spends too much time alone she will meow. You may want to consider a pet sitter, leave toys out, a kitty condo or anything that might fill her time while you’re away.


  • Stress – cats that are under a lot of stress are more vocal. Any change to her environment: a new baby, a new home or the loss of her owner. You could give your cat a little extra attention to help calm her nerves.


  • Aging cats – like people, cats can suffer from mental confusion as they age. They can become disoriented and cry for no reason. This usually happens more at nighttime. You should ask your veterinarian for advice.


  • Mating call – female cats howl when they are in heat and male cats howl because they can smell a female in heat. The best solution for this is to have your cat spayed or neutered.


You can try to understand your pet better by observing her sounds, body language, habits and routines. Once you get to know your cat better, you will be able to detect changes in her mood or notice signs of any other ailments as well as develop a more harmonious and less frustrating relationship. Isn’t that what we all want anyway?