I am a dog walker in the Horsham area! I enjoy spending my time walking dogs! I am often told by people that I have the easiest job in the world! Well, I would like to think I do, but that is not always the case! Most people think that as dog walkers, that is all we do is walk dogs. Sounds simple enough, right? Not necessarily so.

Knowledge of Dogs:

It isn’t always just putting a leash on the dog and going for a walk. Some of the dogs in our care have behavioral issues. Some are dog reactive. Some are people reactive. Some are afraid and some simply have no manners. Some are wonderful! Each time we go out with a dog, we must know that we are capable and confident in handling situations that may arise. Our clients depend on us to make sure that their dog is safe, happy and content when we are supervising their care.


squirrel dogAnticipating how the dog in our care may react to different things while we are out with them can be challenging. For instance, some of the dogs have a high prey drive. That means keeping your dog close to you in case of a squirrel darting out from behind a tree or even a bird landing in front of you! These are tempting creatures for dogs to chase! Remember, we are on the other end of the leash and could be drug down the street if we are not paying attention! Then there are the car chasers! Yes, we have a few dogs who think they can keep up with a passing car. Another reason we must be on our toes at all times!


Some dogs in our care need some reinforcement when it comes to good manners and training. Just knowing the commands sit, stay or come can make a world of difference for us when we are out with your dog. If their is a situation happening, we need to know that your dog will listen to us! On any given day, I carry “training treats” with me and work with the dogs in my care. This pays off in huge ways! Not only do I now have your dogs attention, but your dog is also learning and bonding with me at the same time. Making sure that your dog sees us as their leader is very important. This helps keep us and your dogs safe which of course is our top priority at all times!

So you can see that when we come to walk your dog, we aren’t just putting the leash on and walking. So many other factors play into our walk with your dog!

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