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This story is in memory of both of these dear sweet boys. They passed within 6 weeks of one another. In memory of Duke 07.08.2004 – 03.20.2015 and Pooch 04.01.2007 – 05.04.2015. We miss you both terribly and will never forget you.

I was asked to do  a vacation sit for one of our regular clients. They have two dogs. The dogs, Duke & Pooch will sleep upstairs in the bedroom with one of the sitters. This time it was me, Dawn! On this particular night, I closed and locked the bedroom door. Why did I lock the door? Because sometimes I get a little spooked (I’ll admit it) while staying in clients homes. Being unfamiliar with all the normal creeks and shifts that take place in a home, in my mind, I’m safer with the door locked! LOL


It’s bedtime! We all settle in for the evening. I am watching tv and the dogs are sleeping. Pooch is on the left side of the bed while Duke is snoring on the right side of the bed. At approximately 4:00 am I wake up to use the bathroom. I have to walk around the bed to get to the bathroom. Mind you, I am still half asleep. I realize when I return to the room that Pooch is not there. I search the bedroom and he is no where to be found. Now you have to understand that Pooch is a large dog. He is a Bernese Mountain Dog. He cannot easily hide!  I go back into the master bathroom and he is not there either. Oh my gosh, panic sets in!! I know that I brought them both into the bedroom with me. How did he get out? Now you have to understand Pooch. He is a people dog!!! He is like velcro. Glued to your side if you move.

Pooch! Had I been awake enough, I would have taken a photo of him in the closet!

Pooch! Had I been awake enough, I would have taken a photo of him in the closet!


I open the door to the bedroom and run through the house. I must have looked quite the sight. I am so confused! No one follows me, not even Duke. The house that they live in is quite large. I am literally looking everywhere. I even begin to second guess myself. Did I bring BOTH dogs into the bedroom or only one? If I only brought one where IS he? After searching the house for about 20 minutes, I go out into the fenced in back yard. No, he’s not out there and couldn’t get out. Back inside. Still nowhere. I wind up going back up to the bedroom. I search again. I realize the only place I haven’t looked was the closet off of the master bathroom. I find the light switch. Lo and behold, who is tucked into the very back of the closet is Pooch. I honestly never felt such relief in my life. I have to admit that I sat down next to him, hugged him and cried. All the while he’s wagging his tail and wondering what on earth is wrong with me.


I want you to know that this is how I feel and how our sitters feel. We have an EMOTIONAL connection to your pets. We look at them as our own. We see them as extended parts of our family. We are protective of them. We love them as our own. When something happens to any one of them, we feel it too. We want you to know most of all that we will always do what is right by you and your pets. Not just because its our job and our livelihoods but because we truly love, adore and respect your pets and want the best for them.

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