Have you ever wondered exactly what a day is like as a dog walker? Here are two different clients homes. Their dogs tell the story!

Nino, Daphne & Rocky

Its me, Nino!

Its me, Nino!

Bark, bark, bark, bark, grumble, grumble, grumble….Hi! We are Nino, Daphne and Rocky. It’s me, Nino, aka Nino Banino (Aunt Dawn’s nickname for me), telling the story! When Aunt Dawn or one of the sitters arrives at our house, sometimes we bark and I like to grumble a lot. I like to jump up and bark and carry on and then run to the back door. Daphne, aka Dapherknees (again, Aunt Dawn’s nickname) can’t contain herself and she always jumps even though I try to tell her that isn’t lady like. Our brother Rocky sits quietly in his crate until its time for him to come out. Now that I’ve gotten to know Aunt Dawn and my other sitters, I feel much more comfortable. However, I am very protective of my home and property and I like to let the girls know not to pull a fast one with me! Once I accept you, then all is right in the world but until then, I like to show the girls that I’m watching them. Isn’t that what Rottweiler’s do? I mean, I am part Rottweiler after all! Aunt Dawn even thinks I could be German Shepherd too. The girls know about dog behavior and how to handle me so I can’t get away with too much.

Hi, I'm Daphne!

Hi, I’m Daphne!

My sister Daphne is also a mixed breed. Did I mention that we are all adopted? If I had to guess, I would say she is part hound dog and Shar Pei. You know how I know that? Her wrinkled head. Then their is my brother Rocky, aka Rocky Rockstar (nicknamed by Aunt Dawn, grumble, grumble, again!). Rocky thinks he is a Maltese/Poodle mix. He is always trying to challenge me. Doesn’t he realize I’m bigger than him? Daphne and I like to do our business and then hang out in the yard. If its a nice sunny day, we love to soak up the rays. Meanwhile my little brother Rocky wants to mark everything in sight including Daphne and I. I know, it’s not gentlemanly of him. We think its funny when Aunt Dawn and the girls are always watching everything we do. We try to outsmart them sometimes but so far it hasn’t worked.

Aren't I cute? I'm Rocky!

Aren’t I cute? I’m Rocky!

We also have foster dogs that live with us. That means it can be a full house here. Oh yeah, did we mention we live with our feathered friends too? Roxy, our African Grey feather friend, loves to whistle and let everyone know she is here. There is a lot of switching dogs around and making sure everyone does their business, gets lots of attention and quality time. I’ve even startedplaying and running around the yard. So as you can see, our sitters need to be on top of things and know what they are doing! They always make sure that we are all taken care of, given fresh water and a treat too before they leave! How lucky are we? Well, I hope you enjoyed hearing from me. Grumble, grumble, and bark bark for good measure. I’m going to watch over my house and yard now. Nino signing off until later. Woof!




It's me, Brixton with my ball!

It’s me, Brixton with my ball!


“Hi Brixton, it’s Aunt Dawn or Aunt Leanne”. We arrive at Brixton’s home to complete silence. You would never know there is a dog there. As we

enter and get close to the bedroom all of a sudden we hear “thump, thump, thump”. Hey, it’s me, Brixton! Guess what, Aunt Dawn has a nickname for me too, it’s Brix, Brick House or the Brixter. Hmmmph…. always making up different names. Let me tell the story. I love to listen and wait to see which one of the girls it is. I get so excited that my tail can’t stop wagging as I roll around on my Mom’s bed. I know it’s just a matter of time before I get lots of TLC and my walk, then best of all, time to play my favorite sport, B A L L!!!! Did I mention that I’m a Pit bull? Yep, a Blue Nose Pit. I am so handsome! At least that is what I have been told by the girls. They also tell me that I am extremely sweet and friendly. I absolutely love them and love people. Once I’m done wiggling around on the bed and getting my much needed TLC, the girls bring me outside. I run right to my harness and leash. They harness me up and off we go. Did I tell you I’m strong?

Yep, that’s right. That’s why I’m called a brick house by Aunt Dawn. I like to think I’m on a mission during my walk. The girls giggle when they see my butt wiggling when I walk. I don’t know what they are talking about! Did I happen to mention that I am constantly on squirrel patrol? I have a high prey drive, at least that is what they say. That means the girls not only need to be very strong to handle my pulling on leash, but they also need to be aware of our surroundings

so I don’t try to take off running after one of those squirrels. Gosh, I just want to get closer to them. I don’t understand why they won’t let me! The girls also won’t let me near other people or dogs. They do that for my protection. They also tell me that they handle all their clients pets the same way. I’m so happy to know that they are concerned about me and doing their best to keep everyone safe. When I see another dog, I can’t control myself. I’ve been told I scream and I hate to admit it, but I scream like a girl. Don’t tell anyone! I just can’t help myself. I get so excited. I’m starting to wonder if the girls get a bit embarrassed by that noise that comes out of me. Every time I do it, they turn me around and head the other direction. Once I’m done my walk and doing my business (if you get my drift), I can’t wait to get back home to get my ball. In the summer and warmer months, I love grabbing the ball and jumping in my pool. It’s my favorite thing next to having the ball. The girls will throw the ball for me for a little while. After we finish up, they always make sure that I have fresh water too. I just want you to know that I really enjoy myself with the girls. It gives me time to get a little exercise which helps me burn off some energy and also a potty break and play time too. Well, that’s all for now. Hopefully you like my pictures.

Can you guess what I'm doing?

Can you guess what I’m doing?




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