Normally I (Dawn), can be found behind my desk working behind the scenes on the business and managing my staff. Today I was helping out with a visit and I was reminded how much I am proud of my team for numerous reasons. Today was a nasty day! What do I mean by that? It was all around miserable weather. We started with snow, then ice and then heavy rain. That left for a very messy day while out walking dogs!

I had a visit to do this morning. I went out in my long pants, sweatshirt, winter coat and gloves and waterproof shoes. I made certain to bring my umbrella as it was raining pretty hard when I left. By the time Mango (my clients dog) and I returned to the house, I was drenched. So much for water proof shoes! Mango and I walked through several inches of snow and water. Unfortunately the water was high enough to go down into my shoe. Not only did the dog look like a drowned rat, but so did I!

Why am I “Proud of my team”?

1. Weather resistant! It reminds me of the mailman, as dog walkers and pet sitters, we go out in all kinds of weather. Hot, cold, rain, wind or snow and sometimes in between! Today, I was reminded of the harsh weather conditions that my team is exposed too!

2. Reliable and Dependable! I know I can rely on my team to do the jobs that they are scheduled to do and not worry.

3. Peace of mind! Seriously. It is very difficult to find the “right” person for this job. It is not all fun and games. Our team takes their jobs seriously.

4. Caring staff. They are truly concerned for the welfare of your pets. Hence our tag line “We love your pets as our own.”

5. Trustworthy! That is key!! Our sitters come into your home on a daily basis. I know I can trust them!

And so with that said, I want to send a big THANK YOU to my team and I want you to know I’m proud of you!!


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