Oh look! It’s snowing again!

If you live in Eastern Pennsylvania you will know that we have had our fair share of snow and ice storms this year. I don’t remember anything quite like this in my adult years. As a child and teenager, I remember having lots of snow and loving it. Not so much now!

Ice and Snow Melt

Misty enjoys the snow before a real path is cleared!

Misty enjoys the snow before a real path is cleared!

That brings me to my next subject. Clearing a path for yourself and your dogs. Most people use some form of salt to melt the ice and snow. Did you know that salt can burn the pads of your dogs feet? It also can get stuck inside the pads as well as the hair in the pads of the feet. Today they make all different forms of salt that are pet safe. Regardless of what you are using, it is important to keep your dogs feet clean.

Cleaning Your Dogs Feet

Place a bucket of clean water near the door where your dog enters. You can easily place their feet inside the bucket to clean them off and then dry them with a towel. Check your dogs feet each time they come inside.  They can have cracked pads due to the ice and snow and all kinds of debris can collect causing pain and discomfort. You can also use a gentle soap and cloth to wipe their paws. Make sure to dry them when finished!

Keeping your dogs feet clean of debris, salt and snow will make for a happy, healthy dog!

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