Most people think cats are self sufficient, right? To an extent, they can be, but that does not mean they do not get lonely while you are gone. It also doesn’t mean that they will be safe and not get into trouble while you are away. That is where we come in! We are your local professional pet sitters!

How does having a professional pet sitter help you and your cat:

Peace of mind!

Not only will you know your cat is fed, litterbox cleaned and given fresh water, but we are also their to give cuddles and lots of play time and attention. Wait, but my cat doesn’t like attention! Right. We understand. Some cats don’t. We have clients whose cats are not outgoing and we rarely see them. What we do is make sure they are safe! We do a check of your home (security) and make sure that your kitty isn’t stuck somewhere or in trouble. We check to make sure he or she has eaten and relieved themselves.

Cats love their own home!

Maybe you are considering boarding your cat. Did you know that for cats, leaving their home can be a very stressful event. They may be terrified, not eat, drink and may shutdown. Having a professional sitter come into your home where your cat feels safe is the best alternative!

Why should I hire a professional sitter when I could bring the kid next door in?

Ah, good question! But let’s think about this. What happens if their is an emergency with your cat? Would the child next door know what to do? Maybe they run home to get an adult. By then, time has elapsed and in an emergency, time is of the essence! It is our jobs as professionals to show up! We have a block of time that is pre-discussed with you as to when we will be at your home. Maybe your cat needs an insulin injection. We can do that! Perhaps you have special instructions. It is our job to make sure that all of your instructions are followed and that your cat is safe, happy and well cared for!

Why do I need daily visits as opposed to every other or every few days?

Clara looking for food!

Having a daily visit helps to ensure that your cat is not in danger. One of our clients cats went into an air vent and found himself down at the air conditioning unit. If we had not come every day, I dread to think of what could have happened. It took two of us hours to get him out! Thankfully he was unharmed. We’ve had a cat get locked in a bedroom after jimmying a door open that hadn’t been closed all the way prior to the client leaving home. We’ve also had a client’s cat that was completely fine one day and yet the next day was exhibiting strange behaviors and needed to be rushed to the vet. This is why a professional pet sitter is so important. We are trained to make sure your pets are safe and well cared for!

Litterbox cleanup!

At each visit, we scoop and dispose of the waste. Not only does this keep the litterbox fresh and your cat happy, but it prevents and smelly buildup in your home! Keeping a fresh litterbox will help keep your cat from deciding that the outside of the litterbox or another area may be good to eliminate on.

Security Checkup!

Having a professional sitter stop by on a daily basis, not only helps your peace of mind and your cat, but it also lets people know that someone is around. We do a basic security check while we are there. If you need us to turn lights on/off, we can do that! We bring your mail in and your trashcans up to the house. Your home will have that lived in look while you are gone providing you with peace of mind!

Need a cat sitter soon? Give us a try, you will be pleasantly surprised! Call us at 610-716-7716.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!