Old Man Winter! Have you noticed that the cold weather has set in? If you haven’t, you will this week. According to forecasters, we will be feeling some of the coldest weather in 20 years!

While some of our pets love the cold weather, it can be dangerous!

Macy is getting ready to brave the snow with her jacket and hood!

Macy is getting ready to brave the snow with her jacket and hood!


What is hypothermia? It is an abnormally low body temperature. Who is the most susceptible? Toy breeds, senior dogs, short coated dogs, dogs with low body fat and puppies. That is not to say that other breeds are not at danger. Prolonged exposure to cold temperatures will result in a loss of body heat. If left untreated, coma, heart failure and/or death could occur.

Signs and Symptoms of Hypothermia

Do you know how to recognize if your pet is in danger? Some of the first signs are paleness and strong shivering. You must get your pet indoors and warmed up immediately! Do not wait! Other symptoms are lethargy and frostbite.


Will affect the exposed areas of the body. Look for signs on the tail, tips of ears, footpads and other areas.

Treating Hypothermia or Frostbite

First and foremost, do not leave your pets outdoors during extreme temperatures for any length of time. This not only places them in danger but yourself as well.

Bring your pet inside immediately if you suspect either situation.

If it is an emergency situation, get your pet to the vet immediately.

If you are able, place warm blankets or towels around your pet.

Wrap a hot water battle around a towel and place on dogs abdomen. Do not place the bottle directly on the skin without something around it. The bottle will burn your pet.

If you pet is conscious, try to get warm fluids into the pet.

Check your pets temperature, rectally. If the body temperature is below 98 degrees, seek veterinary assistance immediately.

Once your pets temperature is above 100 degrees, you may remove the blankets, towels and water bottle.


If you know you will be outdoors with your pet for an extended period of time, you can place a coat on your pet. They also sell booties for their feet as well.


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