As pet sitters, we get to see all different types of pets. Anything from your normal dogs, cats and fish to reptiles, guinea pigs, hamsters and rats!


Oh my! Looking for a new friend?  Not ready to commit to a dog or cat…well how about a rat?!  They are highly intelligent, affectionate, social and very clean.  They love companionship and will hang out with you in your lap or cuddle on your shoulder.  They are easy to care for and can perform tricks, too!  Rats can even be trained to come to you when called by name.  They are more active at night and do require daily attention for their happiness and well-being.  Sometimes it’s best to have more than one so they don’t get lonely and they come in a variety of colors such as blond and brown like the girls pictured here.

Bandit is on the left and Josie is on the right. Both are female rats!

Bandit is on the left and Josie is on the right. Both are female rats!

Caring for Rats

Rats will need a wheel for exercise.  The best wheels are silent and made of all plastic so it is safe for their feet.  Rats like to eat seeds, nuts and a variety of fruits and vegetables like broccoli, beets and cucumbers.  And they love blueberries!  Still not sure if a rat is for you then try to visit one at your local SPCA or rat rescue.  Remember, they are so much different from their relatives in the wild!

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