I have a long term client that has two Bichon mixes that are brothers. The only way you would know these dogs are related are by looking at them. They are so different from one another.  This particular client uses us two times per week to pet sit their two boys, Sam & Ted. Sam is what I would call an old soul. He is very gentle, sweet, non assuming and quiet. His brother Ted on the other hand is what I would call the life of the party. Their isn’t a time when I watch them that Ted does not make me laugh. That is not to say I don’t love Sam because I do. He is my snuggle buddy! But Ted, well he is good for a great laugh. Even though my description of what he did the other day will not do it justice, it still makes me laugh. I wanted to share some of the antics that we as pet sitters and dog walkers get to see on a daily basis.

Most times when I come to my visit with Ted & Sam, Ted is carrying his ball in his mouth and his head always reminds me of a bobblehead. Hence the nickname given to him. I arrived at the clients house last week to two bouncing boys who were very excited to see me. After coming in and petting them, I went to put my things down on the counter. At that point both boys laid down in their little bed. Ted had his back to me at the time. I opened the gate to come into the kitchen and it must have startled him. Ted’s head spun around so fast all the while bobbling away and when he turned he had his tongue sticking out at me. It was one of the funniest things I’ve seen. It was like a little kid peaking out from behind a wall with his tongue out.

Just one of many funny scenes that we pet sitters get to see during our visits. Did I say how much I love my job? 🙂

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