While it is still early May, your Montgomery County Dog Walkers are here to offer you some warm weather tips to keep your dogs safe!


Did you know that your pets can get sunburn? My dog Misty has what is called a snow nose! The middle of her nose is pink and on either side, the pigment is black. The pink part of her nose can get sunburn if she is left in the sun too long! Light skinned dogs are more susceptible to burns. Pink belly’s, tips of ears, noses, and dogs that are white can get sunburn pretty much anywhere! What should you do to prevent sunburn? Limit sun exposure! That is the number one preventative. Pet stores also offer doggie sunscreen. Apply to areas that you know can get burned. Be sure to watch that they don’t lick off the sunscreen!  How do you treat sunburn? You can apply a  little aloe vera which speeds the healing process and reduces the likelihood of infection and scarring. Vitamin E also aids in scarring and healing.


With warmer weather on its way, chances for a heatstroke increase. It is best to walk or exercise your dog during the cooler times of the day such as early morning or evening after the sun has gone down. As dog walkers, we let our clients know that during the warmest part of the day, if your dog needs a walk, it will be at a very leisurely pace with lots of shade and lots of water! Your dog does not sweat the way that we as humans do. Their means of cooling themselves is through their mouth by panting. The pads of their feet are the only part of the body with sweat glands. Notice when the weather warms up, your dog begins to slow down and their tongues begin to swell and hang further out of their mouth. That is one indication that you should consider getting your dog inside or to a cooler location. Your dog may become dizzy, vomit or have increased salivation. What can you do if you suspect heatstroke? If you are able, get your dog into a shady spot immediately. Place a  cool (not cold) towel over the dog and in the inner thigh area to bring the dogs temperature down. If you are able, get your dog to a veterinarian right away! Heat stroke can be deadly! Remember, it’s all about common sense and keeping your pets safe!

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