The loss of a pet is one of the hardest things we go through. They are an integral part of our families. We care for them and love them like our children. For me, and for the sitters that work for me, “we love your pets as our own” is our slogan and couldn’t ring truer.

Duke & Pooch April 2013The past few months have been tough on our clients and on us. So many of our clients pets have passed on. One of the most recent was Duke. Duke was a Dogue De Bordeaux, otherwise known as French Mastiff. He was dignified, handsome and oh what a character he was. Duke lived a wonderful long life and even though his family had to send him to the rainbow bridge, for all intents and purposes, he passed due to old age.

Unfortunately that is not the case for others. For instance, Dukes “brother”, Pooch, a Bernese Mountain Dog, was diagnosed with an extremely aggressive form of cancer one week after Dukes passing.  His diagnosis has really thrown me for a loop. While I always thought of Duke as my “soul mate doggie”, I have loved Pooch and cared for him the same as any other of our clients pets. For me, the grief is palpable. He is still with us but definitely on limited time.

Here is a dog that absolutely adores people, food and his walks. He would do anything to please his people and those who love him. It pains me to my core to watch the light fade from him. Just a little over a month ago he was romping around, playing, running, grooming his brother Duke, enjoying his walks and his family. Today, it is a struggle for him to find enjoyment in his daily activities.

As I sit here writing this, the tears are flowing as I know his time is very limited. His family is doing their best to give him the best quality of life possible in whatever time he has left here on this earth. I have it in my head that when I go to see him on Monday, that I will be happy and calm and not upset. I know that is a long shot. It is so difficult for me to hide my emotions, especially when it comes to animals. It is emotionally devastating not only for the pets owners but also for their caretakers.

One of the hardest things for me to “sell” on the phone to our clients is the fact that we do truly love and care for your pets. How can you possibly care for another being day in and day out and not have that bond with them? We feel your pain and your pets pain just like we would if they were our own pets. Hands down, it is the toughest part of this job.

When a pet dies, so many emotions are felt by those that have loved them. Grief is our way of expressing our emotions. Everyone deals with the loss of their pet in different ways.

Just know that we feel it too.

In memory of all those that we have loved and lost and those that are still with us fighting the battle. We love you and miss you!