I awoke to another sad story in the news today. This time it was about the loss of a beloved Pit Bull who had passed on from suffocation. How you may ask? The dog found an empty potato chip bag. You can guess where this is going. Like most animals, the smell of food is very hard to resist. The dog named “Lucy” a loved family pet, had gotten into the garbage and found the potato chip bag. She placed her head inside the bag and could not get the bag off of her head. Her family came home to the horror that awaited them. Poor Lucy still had the bag on her head. Try as they might to save her with CPR, she was already gone.

I have a relative who also had a dog pass from suffocation. They left for work not realizing that the pantry door was slightly open. Upon returning home from work, they looked everywhere for their dog and could not find her. They noticed the pantry door ajar and were met with an awful sight. The dog had realized the pantry door was open, went in, climbed up the shelf and was able to open a jar. The dog proceeded to stick her head into the jar. You know what happens next. She was still alive and was rushed to the vet. After spending a few days at the vet, in an oxygen chamber, they thought she was out of the woods. Sadly, that was not the case. She passed away a few days later.

These stories sound like things that can’t happen to you or ¬†your pet. As you can see, any piece of trash could become a danger to your pet whether it be dog or cat. For safety purposes alone, please put your trash in something that your pet cannot get into. Place the can out of harms way. Be careful to close all doors behind you should your pet be loose in your home while you are away.

You can never be too safe!

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