FireworksThe 4th of July can be a very dangerous holiday for pets.  Many pets get lost and end up in shelters while others end up sick at the vet’s office.  Keeping pets safe is a primary concern to us, so here are some tips on keeping your pets safe this 4th of July holiday.


1.  Leave your pets at home.  It is tempting to bring our pets along to holiday outings, but many pets get nervous with the crowds of people and

loud noises that come along with this holiday. It is fine to walk your dogs or keep them with you on leash, but be aware that many pets get lost this day because they get startled and run.  It is safest to keep your cat inside on this day even if s/he is accustomed to roaming outside.  If you know your pet gets startled with loud noises, keep them inside in a safe enclosed area.  Drowning out the fireworks with soothing music can help as well.


2.  Make sure they have proper ID.  Even though you may be keeping your pet inside, please make sure they have a collar on with an ID tag just in case.  If you have not yet gotten your pet microchipped, this is a good idea as well (see previous blog post on microchipping your pet).


3.  Stick to their regular diet.  It may be tempting to give your pet table scraps when they give you that oh so cute look, but some foods such as

This is Dudley, a soft-coated Wheaten Terrier celebrating the 4th of July safely at home!

This is Dudley, a soft-coated Wheaten Terrier celebrating the 4th of July safely at home!

onions, grapes, raisins and chocolate contain substances that are poisonous to dogs.  While dogs are carnivorous, eating too much fatty meat can cause digestive issues or even lead to pancreatitis.  If you are having company, remember to let your guests know what your rules are about feeding your pets table scraps and why.


4.  Keep alcohol away from pets.  You would be surprised at how many pets will drink alcoholic beverages if given the opportunity.  Those mix-ins are delicious and your pet doesn’t know they can get ill and even die from alcohol poisoning, so keep the adult beverages out of their reach.


4.  Avoid toxic substances.  Products used for humans can be dangerous to animals.  Avoid spraying your pet with insect repellant and only use special sunscreen that is made specifically for animals.  Keep your pets away from matches, lighter fluid and fireworks.  They contain substances that can be irritating to your pet’s stomach, lungs and central nervous system.


While you are preparing to enjoy the festivities of the 4th of July, remember to think about what is safe for your pets on this holiday as well.  If you are in need of pet sitting or dog walking services, you can visit us online at or call us at 610-716-7716. You can also “like” our facebook page for tips and updates at