We are Horsham Dog Walkers. We spend the majority of our day walking dogs. However, we also like to have play time with our friends as well. It is so important to not only walk your dog for exercise but also offer them a job to do for mental stimulation. Why?

Mental Stimulation

Mental stimulation for your dog is a critical factor in exercising your dogs mind. Most people are under the assumption that their dog only needs physical exercise. That is simply not enough! Dogs are genetically programmed to have a job! Consider the breed of your dog. What was your dog bred to do? Carry things? Pull things? Chase and capture something? Giving your dog a job to do not only exercises the mind but the body too. It is so important for the mental well being of your dog.

Consider the video here.


This is Blue. He is part Rat Terrier. They are very high energy dogs. Part of my time is spent walking him and the other part is throwing the ball. Blue has endless energy and will chase the ball all day if you let him! Not only do I give him some mental stimulation but physical exercise as well.

Physical Exercise

Physical exercise is very important. Simply having a back yard is not enough. Walking your dog should be a part of your every day routine. Did you know that dogs learn about their environment through their nose? They need to be able to explore to learn. Exploring only their yard can lead to boredom and destructive behavior such as digging and escaping! Walking your dog is also important for his physical health. It helps keep obesity at bay. The amount of exercise that your dog gets during the day can affect his or her energy throughout the day.

Remember, a well balanced dog is a happy dog!

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