The summer months are upon us and people are starting to complain about how hot it is. So it stands to reason that your dogs and cats will be hot too, right? Yes, they are hot but shaving them isn’t always the answer.

Keeping Cool

Pooch trying to keep cool!

Pooch trying to keep cool!

You may be wondering how your pets keep cool. Unlike humans, your pets do not contain the vast network of blood vessels and sweat glands designed to rid the body of  heat during the warmer weather months. Dogs have sweat glands in the pads of their feet but they play a minimal role in regulating heat. Dogs and cats vaporize large amounts of water from their lungs and airways, water that will carry heat from the body as they pant.

Long Hair

Dogs and cats have been bred to have long hair for a reason. Their long hair and thick undercoats act as insulators in the winter and in the summer, it protects them from the suns harmful rays. Now it’s the middle of July and you decide to run your dog to the groomer for a shave. Not a good idea! You have just predisposed your dog to sunburn, the possibility of heat stroke and/or heat exhaustion.


Brushing your dog and cats coat daily not only is a bonding experience for you and your pet but it can also help keep your pets coat in top shape and help in the summer months.Grooming keeps your pets coat mat free by allowing the air to circulate through the hair which allows for a cooling effect. Unkempt, matted hair will stifle the air circulation and do very little to help keep the body cool.

Think Twice

So remember, think twice about giving your pet that cute little summer cut in the warmer months. If you are concerned about your pet over heating,  make sure their is plenty of water available as well as shade. Leave your pet home in the summer months rather than taking them with you in the car. By remembering these little tips, you will have a much more comfortable pet during the summer months!

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