It’s that time of the year when I see lots of people on the road with their dogs in their cars. As a pet sitter and dog walker, I am on the road a lot. That leads me to see all kinds of things in my travels.


Bull dog hanging out window

Bull dog hanging out window

Are you the type of person that loves to see your dogs body hanging out of the car while you are driving? Maybe you don’t put the window all the way down, but instead you have it half way down. Just so that half of your dogs body is out the window. Doesn’t he/she look so cute with their tongues hanging out and their noses in the air? While it may be cute to see, it is extremely dangerous! I know, some of you will say that nothing could happen to your dog. That your dog is always well behaved and would stay in the car regardless of what it sees. You are forgetting one big thing. Your dog relies on instinct and does not rationalize what could happen. All it takes is one time for your dog to catch sight of something across the street or to become anxious and leap from that open window. Maybe you are driving next to someone who’s car is pretty close to yours. Your dog could become injured. A good rule of thumb is, if your dog can place his head and his entire leg out the window, it is down to far. Just having their head out the window can be dangerous too. A rock could come up from the tire and become a projectile. I was just told the true story of a 5 month old puppy that jumped from his owners car while it was moving. Tragically, the puppy did not survive. So, as cute as your dog may look, his or her safety should be much more important.


Your dog should always be contained while in the car. I was driving to a dog walking clients house the other day and notice a woman in another car who seemed distracted. As I pulled up next to her, what do I see but a small dog in her lap. Yes, riding in her lap. What is wrong with that? So many things! You are now distracted because you are trying to keep an eye on your dog while driving. What if your dog jumps off your lap and onto the floor? What if your dog bumps the steering wheel? Too many things to worry about while driving. For your safety and your dogs safety, please make sure they are either crated, seat belted in or place a barrier between the back and front seats. This will ensure that your pet cannot get into the front of the car. Think of it this way. If you are in a car accident, what do you think will happen to your dog? Safety first!

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