When I see the images of the 2 mile wide tornado that just flattened two towns, I simply cannot imagine what these people are going through. TheseDog in rubble people need our help. There are pets that are displaced and cannot find their owners. As a pet lover, owner and pet sitter this is simply heart wrenching to see.

Take a picture!

Before I list the ways you can help, please do yourselves a favor and take a few pictures of yourself with your pets. Make sure they are current photos and clear enough to see! Why? Because in a horrible tragedy such as this, you will have something to identify that the lost pet is actually yours. Keep one in your wallet or purse and one at home in a safe place.

Ways to help:

CENTRAL OKLAHOMA HUMANE SOCIETY located in Oklahoma City. Mailing address is 7500 N. Western Ave Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73127.

Heavenly Dog Daz Pet Sitting Services in Jones Oklahoma are approximately 25 miles away and will help house small displaced pets. Their number is 405.819.6852.

Many horses were injured or killed. The Orr Family took a devastating hit and their farm took an extreme hit. Please go to Orr Family Farm to help.

Now or Never Horse Helper (NNHH) are asking for anyone that can foster any of the surviving horses to call 405-799-3276 or message the NNHH on their Facebook page.

The Animal Resource Center is also available to help. Phone number is 405.604.2892.

The City of Moore will help with lost and found pets. You may contact them at (405) 793-5190 for more information.

Among the tragedy, a heartwarming reunion:



We are praying for you Oklahoma! Please go to our facebook page for more information at www.facebook.com/dawnthepetnanny