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Why hire a dog walker or pet sitter?


Are you considering hiring a pet sitter or dog walker and are wondering what the benefit would be? Having someone come into your home to take care of your pet is a big responsibility! It is however, one that will reap rewards for both of you.  Animals need both mental and physical stimulation for their overall well being. Consider this, while you are away at work all day, what do you think your pet is doing? Some may sleep while others may get into mischief while you are gone. If you and your family decide to go on vacation, the issue comes up as to “what will we do with the pets”? Having a professional pet sitter or dog walker can truly make a difference.

Benefits to your pets include:

  • Pets are happier in their own environment, they feel safe and secure.
  • Your pet will be able to follow his/her regular diet and exercise routine.
  • Lots of love and attention will be given while you are away.
  • Having someone available in case of an emergency
  • Maintaining any medical treatment that may be needed.
  • Having play time!
  • No need for trauma associated with traveling and being in an unfamiliar environment (kennel).
  • Exposure  to parasites or other animals’ illnesses has been limited which in turn ensures good health.

Benefits to you, the owner, include:

  • Knowing that your pet is loved and cared for in the safety of your own home.
  • The trauma of having to transfer your pet to an unknown and unfamiliar location has been eliminated.
  • You no longer need to impose on neighbors, family or friends.
  • Having the confidence that your pet sitter will be able to deal with any issues that may arise.
  • Your home is more secure as your pet sitter will be in and out of the house during the day.


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