Every time I see that heading “Free to Good Home”, I cringe! Years ago, that used to be the greatest way to ensure a good home for your pet. That is definitely not the case any longer. “Free to Good Home” almost certainly ensures your pet will be in some form of danger.

For every pet advertised for free, their is only a one in ten chance that it will go to a loving home. Is that really a risk worth taking?

Stop SignTen top reasons NOT to list your pet free to a good home!

  1. Pet Peddlers: This person(s) takes on free pets to sell them for profits to anyone who will buy them.
  2. The Dog Baiter; This person(s) takes free pets and gives them too his dog to rip up for fun or to train for dog fighting.
  3. The Puppy Farmer: This person(s) takes free pets for breeding to make money. He/she specifically looks for adds saying pet is not spayed or neutered.
  4. The Fake Rescuer: This person(s) will take your pet saying they are a rescue and then use the word rescue to ask for a donation to sell the pet. They are strictly in this for the money, not the welfare of your pet.
  5. Experimental Labs: Yes, they still exist! They are known for taking unwanted pets to use in their labs.
  6. The Pet Hoarder: This person(s) takes on any free pet as a novelty. They dump them or give it away when the novelty wears off or they keep the pets until they can no longer cope and the authorities have to step in.
  7. Pet Haters: This person(s) takes in free pets to torture, kill, use as target practice and dispose of them.
  8. The Pet Feeder: This person(s) takes in free pets to feed to their snakes, lizards and so on.
  9. The Back Yard Breeder: This person(s) takes in free pets to breed so they can make money.
  10. The Fetishists: This person(s) will look especially for small animals such as kittens, puppies and rabbits.

What is the commonality with all of these people? THE WORD FREE! All of these people will promise you that your pet will have a wonderful life with them.

What can you do to ensure a safe home for your pet?

  1. NEVER advertise your pet for free.
  2. ALWAYS ask for references, especially recent veterinary references.
  3. ALWAYS ask for a home check. This way you can make sure your pet is in fact going to a safe home. Rescues do this all the time, why shouldn’t you?

Remember, it is up to you to make sure that your pet is kept safe even if you have no choice but to rehome him/her.