Fetch and other Games for any Dog

Exercising your dog and building his (and your) brain power is a lot easier than you think and SO much puppy beach ballfun.  These easy to follow games are sure to be a crowd pleaser and a fantastic way to build or strengthen the bond between you and dog.

  1. Fetch– Show yourdog the ball, and get him excited about getting the ball! Once your dog is excited, throw the ball, and encourage him to fetch Call your dog when he picks up the ball, and then show him another ball. Repeat process in opposite direction. You can also teach your dog to bring the ball back before you throw it again. Fetch gives your dog exercise in the form of short burst sprints which is excellent cardio. Don’t get frustrated if your dog grabs the ball and runs!  Many dogs do this but with some practice, he’ll eventually realize that this is a fun game and will be begging you for more.


  1. Hide and Seek with the nose -First, you need to get some tasty treats, than ask your dog to sit stay and stay. Walk into another room and hide. When you’ve secured your hiding place, call your dog just once. As soon as your dog finds you, give him a treat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. If your dog hasn’t mastered the sit and stay commands, don’t fret. Keep practicing and he’ll get it!


  1. At home agility course- Set up jumps, tunnels, chutes, and weave poles. Go through the course with your dog. Give him treats when he successfully listens to your commands. Whether you have a little, or a lot to spend, there are many agility courses right at your fingertip.


  1. The Name Game – Dogs are so smart, they even like to show off how much they know (just like you do). The key to word recognition is lots of practice. Start off with simple words using two of your dog’s favorite toys. Name each toy. Say the name of one of the toys and throw it so your dog can fetch it. Repeat this a few times, giving your dog a treat when he does this successfully. Next, do the same with the other toy. Once your dog knows the name of each of the toys, put them both on the ground and ask him to fetch one of them. Reward your dog with treats and praise every time it gets it right. When these toys have been perfected you can expand to new objects. Maybe you can even teach him to fetch your slippers and the newspaper. I’m sure he’ll be happy to oblige!


  1. Simon Says– Give your dog a chance to show off with commands such as: sit, stay, down, etc.


Before you know it, you’re going to see how quick your dog catches on.  For even more ways to entertain your dog while keeping him sharp as a tack, check out these two books.  You’ll be glad you did.

101 Dog Tricks: Step by Step Activities to Engage, Challenge, and Bond with Your Dog

Brain Games for Dogs: Fun Ways to Build a Strong Bond with Your Dog and Provide It with Vital Mental Stimulation

There is nothing like having fun with your furry friend, each of these games will bring you closer together and heighten your communication.  The sky’s the limit when it comes to exercising your dog and building brain power.  Be creative and most importantly, enjoy!