Head Halters are otherwise known as the Halti, Gentle Leader or Snoot Loop. The design is similar to the horse halter. The head halters are fastened around the back of the neck and over top of the muzzle. The idea is to give more control over the dogs direction and intensity of pulling on the leash. Pressure on the collar pulls the dogs head towards the handler.Head Halter

Their is quite a bit of controversy surrounding the head halter. Supporters claim it enables the handler to control the dogs head and makes the dog unable to pull while using its full strength. Those who do not support the use of the head halter claim that it is uncomfortable and unnatural. If the collar is not placed correctly or is too tight, it can dig into the skin or the strap around the muzzle may push into the dogs eyes. Cranial injury is possible with misuse of the head halter. If a dog is jerked suddenly by the leash, the neck is forced to one side which might result in neck injury. If the nose strap is fitted to tightly, the hair on the muzzle can be worn down thus resulting in abrasions or bare skin.