Have you overlooked how beneficial a daily dog walk can be to your pet? Most people take their dogs for a walk simply to relieve him/herself. Extending that walk just a little bit longer offers some big health benefits, not only for your dog but for you as well.

Dog Walk

Dylan & Colby going for their walk

Bonding – Daily dog walking can strengthen the bond between yourself and your dog. Walking your dog will allow him to see you as the leader.

Trust – Regular dog walks can help your pet to build confidence and trust in you. You will be encountering other people and their pets while on your walks. Your dog will have a comfort level with you there.

Energy – Does your dog have anxiety or is he hyperactive?┬áTaking your dog for his daily walk will help curb some of his pent up energy thus cutting down on destructive behaviors.

Mental Stimulation – Most people don’t realize that walking your dog on a regular basis allows for mental stimulation which is just as important as physical exercise. Your dog experiences the world around him by smell first. Mental stimulation is a great way to tire your dog out.

Digestion – Regular dog walks can be extremely beneficial to your dogs daily digestive health and can help aid in relieving constipation.

Weight Control – Have you noticed your dog gaining a few extra pounds? Those few extra pounds on a dog can cause some serious health hazards. Getting your dog outside for a daily walk can help keep your pet in shape.

Health – By walking your dog on a daily basis, you will be helping to keep your dog agile, limber and healthy.

Get Moving! Get Walking!

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