Do you know what is in your pets food and treats?

For many years I didn’t either. My head was basically in the sand. I trusted that what was being sold in grocery stores was good for my dogs and cats. Once I became more involved in the pet world, I began researching and what I found horrified me.  Today I read an article that Nestle Purina Pet Care Co. had agreed to a settlement over tainted treats from China. You can read more on that here:

That lead me to think about the industry as a whole and how most people are fooled by what is in their pets food.

The four D’s!

Have you ever heard of the four D’s in your pets food? Dead, Dying, Diseased and Disabled. Yes, that is right. The pet food industry is able to use any or all of those animals in your pets food. It is a well known “secret” in the pet food industry that they don’t want you to know about.

What are meat by products?

Sometimes the labels on the grocery store products read “meat meal” or “meat by products”. Have you ever stopped to think about what that is? I’m going to warn you now, its not pretty! Meat by products are what is left after the meat has been stripped away. In the raw feeding world, that is not necessarily bad if you know where your source of food is coming from. However, in the dog food world, companies find the cheapest avenues possible to feed your pets. They look for the 4-D’s because it is cheaper for them to make the product. The meat that they can add includes zoo animals, road kill, the 4-d livestock. Most shockingly this can also include dogs and cats. Yes, you read that correctly.

Chemicals and preservatives lurking in your pets food.

Photo provided by Dogs Naturally

Photo provided by Dogs Naturally

Rendering practices in the pet food industry aren’t just disgusting, they are downright dangerous. Think of it this way, they pick up animals from zoos that have died. Those animals have had illnesses and have been treated with who knows what. They’ve had to euthanize those animals including euthanized dogs and cats. The chemicals used to euthanize have been proven to withstand the cooking process. That means your beloved dog or cat is now ingesting all the chemicals that came from any of those animals in your pets food. Horrifying, right? That’s right, the poisons used to kill other animals are now being sold in dog and cat food and being fed to your pet. Have you ever heard of EQ or ethoxyquin?  That is one of the most common preservatives being added to your pets food. It used to be used as a rubber stabilizer. It is one of the most powerful and most toxic of all preservatives. It has been permitted in livestock food as well as the fish industry. Factory workers that were exposed to EQ exhibited side effects similar to those of agent orange. Now imagine, this is in your pets food!!!

Veterinarians recommending food.

Now understand, I am not knocking veterinarians. They only know what they have been taught. However, for years, vets were always taught through an elective nutrition class. Guess who speaks at those classes? Hills, Iams and Purina are the largest contributors. A lot of those pet food companies even donate to the vet hospitals and schools. Remember, this is big business for those companies! Did you know that Proctor and Gamble owns Iams? Why does that matter you might ask. Does P&G really have your pets best interests at heart? It’s just another company they absorbed into their business.

What can be done about this?

Know what is in your pets food! You might think this is too much to absorb. I know it is. I struggled with what to feed after I found out all this information. Sure, it is more time consuming now for me to decide what to feed my dog. Personally I am a raw food advocate but even then you must be aware of where your food is sourced from. Start reading your dog food bags. I am not an advocate of grocery store bought foods. Certainly they have their place as some people cannot afford to feed anything else. But be aware of what is in that food. The first 3 ingredients are always the most important. If at all possible you want 3 named sources of protein. For example, Chicken, Fish, Beef. Not Chicken by product, meat meal, meat by products. You also want as limited amount of ingredients as possible. Most of the ingredients listed towards the end of the list are cooked out by the high processing temperatures they need to use to cook the food. If you see two good named sources of protein and maybe a carb listed, that is still a better option for your pets. Know where your pets food comes from. Do some research and find out who really owns the company and where they source their food from. Buy products MADE in the USA or Canada only. Canada has very strict regulations.


Finally, we all need to be aware of not only what is in our own food but what we are feeding our pets. Cancer rates are sky rocketing. Considering what our pets are eating, it is no surprise to me that this is happening. Take some time and read the ingredients on the bag. Do not purchase any products from China. If you go to the grocery stores and some major pet food pet chains, you will be shocked at how many bags are from China. You and your pet deserve the best. All it takes is just a little more time and thoroughness on your part.


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