Who is Dewey the Library Cat?

Dogs and Cats have a way of touching our lives, changing our world and even changing history.  One such cat was Dewey, the library cat.

Once upon a time on a cold winter morning in a small town called Spencer, Iowa the town librarian arrived to open the library.  She was greeted with a surprise in the book return box in the form of a little kitten.  Upon showing the little kitten to the rest of the library staff, they all decided that this ball of fur would be theirs to keep.

Dewey and Vicki - Credit: Hachette Book Group, USA

Dewey and Vicki – Credit: Hachette Book Group, USA

It was eventually agreed upon by the Library board as well as the city council that the little kitten had found himself a new home and a new name.  He was dubbed “Dewey Readmore Books”.  He didn’t just find himself a home, he was given a job.  He became the greeter to all who crossed the threshold of the Spencer, Iowa library.  In fact, people loved Dewey so much that they donated to help care for the little fellow.  He was quite important, you know.  He wasn’t just a token cat, Dewey had a job description: “Reducing Stress for all humans”, “paying attention to them”, “sitting by the front door at 9 am every morning to greet people” and last but not least, “climbing in book bags and briefcases.”

He wasn’t just loved by the people of Spencer, Iowa either.  In fact, he was quite the celebrity.  He was often the topic of conversation on television and radio stations as well as the star of many fine feature articles in magazines such as “Country Magazine” and “Cat Fancy Magazine”.  He was also featured in a documentary “Puss in Boots”.  This fine documentary was all about library cats.  Imagine that?

Dewey the cat touched the lives of many during his 19 years as a greeter at the Spencer town Library.  In 2006, poor Dewey passed on after suffering from a stomach tumor.  He is still remembered to this day with the help of Vicki Myron, that very librarian that took him in on one cold winter morning many years ago.  In fact, she has written a few books about Dewey the library cat including “Dewey the Library Cat: A True Story”, “Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World,”  and “Dewey’s Nine Lives: The Legacy of the Small-Town Library Cat Who Inspired Millions”.


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