As pet sitters, we are often asked a variety of questions by our clients. At Dawn the Pet Nanny LLC in Horsham, PA, we strive to be knowledgeable on numerous subjects when it comes to your pets.

I was recently asked about human foods for dogs. What does that mean? A client wondered if it was okay to feed table foods to her dog. While I surely don’t claim to be a veterinarian, I have taken numerous courses on dog health and nutrition. I also like to do a lot of research on those subjects as well.


Let’s start with vegetables. While dogs are considered to be carnivores, vegetables can certainly add some nutrients to their diet that may be lacking. First, you must make sure that they are given properly so that they can receive the proper nutritional benefits. That means they should be cooked (boiled, steamed, baked) or pureed. Dogs do not have the digestive enzymes needed to break down raw veggies therefore they will not get all the nutritional benefits unless cooked!

Here is a short list of some of the veggies that are beneficial.

Nellie enjoys eating her carrot!

Nellie enjoys eating her carrot!

  • Sweet Potato – High in beta carotene, vitamin A and vitamin E. Sweet potatoes are often used to bulk up food and add fiber.
  • Carrots  – Also rich in beta carotene, vitamin A and carotenoids. If given raw, they can help by cleaning teeth by acting as a crunch chew for the dogs.
  • Green Beans – High in fiber, vitamin A, C and B vitamins. Also used to bulk up food, given as a great snack too!
  • Pumpkin – is rich in antioxidents, vitamins and minerals. Pumpkin is famous for helping to aid in both constipation and helps firm up stool. It can also be used to soothe an upset stomach. Did you know it can improve the red pigment in your dogs coat too?
  • Broccoli – My dog Misty loves broccoli!! It is loaded with Vitamins C and A, potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium and Vitamin B6.  Add it to your dogs food or give as a healthy, nutritious snack!
  • Cucumber – What a refreshing, low calorie treat option this is! Low sugar and hydrating as well!! Known as a natural anti inflammatory and loaded with antioxidents.

So, why not switch up your pets diet a little by adding some great vegetable options to their dinnertime routine or just as a snack!


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