I get asked the question “Are you breed specific” on a fairly frequent basis. No!! That is always my first answer.


This is Cassie and she is a Shiloh Shepherd.

This is Cassie and she is a Shiloh Shepherd.

What does breed specific mean?

Basically it means a particular breed of animal. In this instance it would be a dog. Some examples would be Pit bull, German Shepherd, Rottweiler and Doberman. The reason I have listed those breeds is because they are considered by some to be more of a difficult breed of dog to handle.

Why are we open to different breeds?

I like to use this analogy. I do not judge an entire nationality of people so why then should I judge a particular breed of dog? At Dawn the Pet Nanny LLC we pride ourselves on basing decisions on each individual dog. Every dog is unique and as such deserves to be treated as an individual and not lumped into a category.

What is our criteria for accepting a particular dog?

First and foremost we need to be concerned for our safety. We do not take dangerous dogs. To be clear that means any dog that has had a previous bite history and is aggressive. This is a liability issue for us as well as a safety concern. We ask lots of questions on the phone to determine the personality of your particular dog. We also come out for our free consultation. During that time the sitter determines if the dog will be a good fit. We need to know that we can enter your home without a problem, walk your dog (if desired) without being afraid we cannot control your dog and be able to handle your dog in general. Obviously some dogs are pullers, some are squirrel chasers, some don’t like other people or other strange animals. All of this is normal acceptable behavior as long as your dog accepts us!

This is Brixton posing in his pool. Brixton is a Pitbull.

This is Brixton. Brixton is a Pitbull.

This is Nino. Nino is a Rottweiler mix.

This is Nino. Nino is a Rottweiler mix.

This is Myah. She weighs in over 100 lbs. She is a Malamute!

This is Myah. She is a Malamute!


Attached are a few of the breeds of dogs that we do handle. Notice they are all unique! We handle everything from pure bred dogs to the normal mixed breed family dog.

Is your dog sitting at home staring out the window? Does he or she long to be outside? Are they becoming bored and causing problems in the house? We can help break up your dogs day with much needed mental and physical stimulation. Why not give us a call!  Contact Dawn the Pet Nanny LLC at 610-716-7716 or find us on the web at www.dawnthepetnanny.org and on facebook at www.facebook.com/dawnthepetnanny.