You and your family are in the market for a new dog. You are considering adopting a senior but are really unsure. Their are so many perks to adopting a senior dog. Among them are:

1. You are saving a life!! Most seniors often do not make it out of the shelter alive. If you adopt one, you are literally saving a life that most likely would not have been spared.

2. No Chewing! Your house and family will thank you. By this stage of the game, seniors are settled and don’t feel the need to eat your entire home.

3. What you see is what you get. These dogs already have their personalities established and are full grown.

4. No potty training! The majority of senior dogs are already potty trained. If they aren’t, they normally pick it up quickly.Senior Dog

The  majority of these wonderful dogs have lived their lives in a loving home. They have entered the shelter system due to no fault of their own. Sometimes they are brought in due to divorce or a death in the family or some form of major life change.

Where can you adopt a senior? Try a local rescue group or look into your nearest shelter or local SPCA.

Won’t you open your heart and home to a senior? It’s a wonderful experience that you won’t soon forget!